Our One And Only…

Our one and only Bathroom!! The bathroom is one of the only rooms in our condo that still needs a TON of work. Over the past 6 years we have made a few changes…but, certainly more are needed! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of what it looked like when we first purchased the condo–but, let’s just say it was UGLY!! The bathroom was in desperate need of a paint job, had sliding doors on the tub/shower (hoarding mold and mildew), disgusting yellow fixtures (that are still in there…), a ugly and outdated overhead light, as well as an incredibly ugly vanity over the sink (wishing I had a picture to show because it was HIDEOUS)!

Slowly over the years I have been making small changes, including paint, new light fixtures,  removal of the shower doors and installing a shower rod and curtain, and most recently changing out the mirror over the sink. I tried to find a old picture of my bathroom, but this was the oldest I could find. Unfortunately, taken way after many of the changes were already done:

My late great uncle’s wife, Kate (haha you got that?) decided recently to move closer to her family and sell the house my great-grandparents purchased and lived in for decades. Aunt Kate was generous enough to let the family go through the house and take some of the things that were important for our family to keep. My mom and I filled a few car loads…I got a magazine rack (another project I took on, but don’t have a before pic), a large round mirror (more on that below), serving dishes, a coffee table, and some other trinkets. My great-grandmother had fantastic taste; so happy to have some of her pieces to make my own!

As mentioned above, I picked up a mirror while going through the house. When I got the mirror it had a glossy black frame, although quite beautiful, it didn’t really fit into the decor of my condo. I decided that I wanted to paint it a crisp glossy white to use in the bathroom. Here is the before and after:

I feel like the mirror made a HUGE difference in the room. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before including the old mirror. All well. Here is the bathroom now:

The yellow sink and blue walls look much darker in this photo than they do in person, both are more of a pastel shade. Also, the tile looks more cream than the white around the mirror, but in person they look closer in color.

Here is the old bathroom photo next to the new bathroom photo:

I still want to replace the top to the vanity with white Vermont marble and a white square vessel sink, replace the yellow toilet with a sleek white commode, and finally, I want to glaze the yellow tub (can’t see it here because of the shower curtain) with a white glaze. Once all those things are complete I think the bathroom will finally look like it belongs in this decade.

I had my eyes on the gray and white shower curtain on West Elm for a very long time, I just never pulled the trigger. One day it wasn’t available online anymore and I thought I was out of luck. When I was visiting NYC with my Aunt Judie, we stopped in to the West Elm Store and to my pleasant surprise they had one in stock AND on sale! So glad I waited to get the deal, but most of all I am so glad I bought it!

Finally, perhaps you noticed the thing hanging from the outlet next to the vanity? I was really sick of Matt’s electric beard-trimmer sitting on the vanity, so I DIY’d a holder (found here via Pinterest).

I simply cut the bottle to make a hole in the back so I could hang it on the plug, then cut the rest into a holder.

I added a chevron print around the outside to cover up the words and went over the paper with some clear packing tape. There are certainly better/nicer looking ways–but, this was a quick and easy project that has proved to be quite satisfying…Don’t you just love a clean and clear counter in the bathroom?

One thought on “Our One And Only…

  1. Judith B. Burgess August 30, 2012 at 9:04 pm Reply

    Remembering West Elm and your success !

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